BabyHuggle 4 in 1 Plush Giraffe & Monkey

This is the cutest pacifier clip. My daughter loses her pacifiers so much and I wanted her to be able to have them without losing them so much. This is the most cutest thing I’ve seen. It is extremely soft and Continue reading


Parents Super Guide

With 2015 here, many new, seasoned and expecting parents are going to be looking for new and exciting toys & gear to purchase for their children. Today, most families choose to research purchases online before buying. How can you get your product noticed? The 2015 Parents Super Guide gets your product directly into the homes of thousands of readers.

What is the 2015 Parents Super Guide and How Does It Benefit Your Company?

The 2015 Parents Super Guide is a collaboration between two different websites. So you are getting years of blogging and review experience. Your product(s) is featured in the guide and we promote daily on our websites and social media. Your target audience are our readers! Both of our websites feature parenting content, product reviews, giveaways and more. We have a well-established reader base waiting to hear about your amazing product! Your product will be featured on All About Parents & Decisions As Mommies

How Does This Work? 
If you would like us to write a review for you, we need a product. The review can be featured on just one website, so that blogger needs a product. If you want your product on each website, then each blogger needs a product. This is recommended so your review is reaching each of our reader bases completely. Both of us have a solid reputation, and we are trusted in the blogging community. We do thorough reviews, and will treat your product with respect. If ever there is any issue or negative feedback, we will contact you before posting. An item can be put into the 2015 Parents Super Guide without a review. Please see the fees below.
So, How Much Is It?
There are a few different ways to be featured.

The first option: ($100 and two review products) this option gets you a personalized review on each of our sites. For all of 2015, your product will be featured in the 2015 Parents Super Guide. It will be promoted daily on our sites and social media.

Second option: ($150 W/ no review product) your product will be featured in the 2015 Parents Super Guide. It will be promoted daily on our sites and social media.

Third Option: ($60 and one product) one blogger do a personalized review of your item on their site. It will also be featured in the 2015 Parents Super Guide for one year. Daily, it will be promoted on our websites and social media. 
A reader giveaway is offered free of charge with all of our packages.
All fees MUST be sent via PayPal, ALL fee’s MUST be covered by SENDER a invoice will be sent to you for your records.
What Else Can I Do To Get My Product Noticed? 
Our team offers other great services to get your company and products noticed! We do Facebook and twitter parties as well! We will also host a giveaway of your item on our sites to attract attention. This will help boost your social media stats and traffic to your website.

Interested in appearing in the 2015 Parents Super Guide? Contact

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The Most Annoying Things To Say To A Working Mom



You look exhausted.
Thanks for the polite way of telling me I look like crap. But I look exhausted? That’s because I was up with a hyperactive 1 year old that thinks that turning off the lights to go to bed is a game and half of the other time I am trying to be a wife. Unless you are going to volunteer to buy me a year supply of iced coffee, then go away.

You must be so organized to be able to balance everything.

Pff, This is the joke of the day.

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