BabyHuggle 4 in 1 Plush Giraffe & Monkey

This is the cutest pacifier clip. My daughter loses her pacifiers so much and I wanted her to be able to have them without losing them so much. This is the most cutest thing I’ve seen. It is extremely soft and Continue reading


Leibnitz Headlamp


This headlamp is okay. It’s nice and bright, with two different brightness setting. There is only one LED bulb in it which does worry me a little bit but it is bright. 2 red lights that have the option to either stay on mode or blink mode.The head lamp does have an upward and downward swivel so you can point it where you need. About the headband, it is soft, comfortable and adjustable This particular headband does slip a lot when moving even if your headband is a little tight. I have other headlamps that this is not a problem with,It only has the one flaw, which is too bad. I feel the headband needs a little adjustment or the lamp so it wont slip so much. The last thing anyone wants is using a lamp that they lose or comes off and breaks. My husband uses these types of lamps all the time when he goes hiking and working on vehicles so I know how important it is for the light to be bright, and be sturdy. I would love for there to be several more led bulbs in the lamp.This Light is an average light for me so I gave it 3 stars.

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Dr. K Premium Baby Wipes

Dr. K’s Premium wipes state that there are: NO HARSH CHEMICALS.SAFE ON SENSITIVE SKIN. ULTRA THICK.FRAGRANCE FREE. SOFT. My children are always getting messy. They also have really sensitive skin. I have used both Huggies Natural Care and Pampers Natural Clean and both Continue reading

NuPath Weight Loss Waist Trimmer Belt

I was really excited to get the Nupath waist trimmer. I have been working on getting healthier and I thought why not try this to help me sweat and get rid of stubborn fat and especially on the belly area. The quality of the belt I do really like. It is made of Neoprene. Many people complain about the scent Neoprene has but it doesn’t Continue reading

3 Summer Activity Plans With My Toddler

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My son loves water, pools, and getting messy in general.  I found so many great ideas online and browsing but there are three that I am super thrilled to try plus experience making with him by my side.  Sometimes there are those days where I want to have fun outside of the pool, get messy with my son, have fun without getting messy, or something for him to be entertained with for more than 5 minutes. Here they are : Continue reading

Chippd Roses Video Greeting Card Flash Giveaway Ends 5/26 US ONLY


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Decisions As Mommies

I have never seen items like this before. I was excited to learn I would reviewing the bracelet and 2 cards. Not only are these great for mothers day but for announcements as well. The have cards for anywhere from Baby Announcements to Wedding Announcements. What you do with these is mail the card or bracelet to your recipient and then they have to go onto an application on their smart-phone to reveal the message. You are able to type the message or even do a video recording. Neat huh?

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