Gift Guide Submissions

Decisions As Mommies is now accepting Gift Guide product submissions!

 How your product is promoted:
1. Receive a full product review post (entered no later than 3 weeks after receiving the product)
2. A picture of the product within the gift guide linking to your purchasing choice
3. Product review post is promoted once on all social media outlets
4. Gift guide is promoted 3-5 per week on all social media outlets.
5. Review item will be promoted during guide period as well as throughout the rest of the year.
Product Requirements:
I do not charge to review the product or for gift guide placement.  I do require a $50 minimum in product received as compensation, if the product isn’t worth $50 then multiple products to make the total equal $50 or more. Full Size Products only.
If you would like to include a giveaway in your review post, sponsored giveaway preferred (you must ship to winner).  Giveaways are promoted 3-5 times per week and run for 14-30 days.  Please contact me with specific entry requirements you’d like.
Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss working together!
Marie W. (subject: Gift Guide)

Products We Accept for Summer / Fall Baby Shower Gift Guide (This gift guide will be hosted on 2 blogs Chelsea’s Mommy and Decisions As Mommies):
Baby Furniture, Baby Necessities, Baby / Toddler Clothing, Gifts for Mommy, Personalized Items, Gift sets, Diapers, Green Products such as baby wash, laundry soap, etc., Party Supplies, Shower Game Ideas,
Last Day For Summer Baby Shower Guide Submission:
September 1st, 2015
Must receive item by September 17, 2015 to be placed in Guide

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