Poofy Pom Keychain Review


I have always liked accessories. It doesn’t matter what kind. I got to review the Poofy Pom key-chain. It is a friendship key-chain. What I like is that it’s a  soft crystal bear with tassels, silver friendship charm on it, a Poofy Pom charm, mini bear charms, ball charm and 2 poms (grey and white). It is made with faux fur. I thought it would be perfect Steve Madden bag that is beautiful but plain. I think it was the right accessory for any bag and it’s a great gift for a friend. I like the quality of the bear itself. the gems don’t look like it will fall in the next week. they are neatly placed on the bear for a clean finished accessory. I would recommend this key-chain to anyone.

If you’d like to purchase your Poofy Pom , click here.  There are several to choose from.

I received this product at discount for my honest review. 


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