Navy Penguin USB Charger 5 Port

I have to tell you that this 5 port USB charger is the best thing I have gotten. I am not sure why but My family are the annoying ones that will disconnect something else in order to charge the thing we need to at that time . Haha. Yes. It is annoying at times. I have no idea why I never even thought of getting a multi port charger. I am extremely happy with my Navy Penguin USB Charger. I like that it isn’t bulky. The charger is a flat one and obviously this particular charger has 5 ports. I can charge my phone with other devices instead of having to disconnect something in order to charge another thing. it is pretty sturdy, and what I really like is that it has an automatic shut off when full charge is reached on whatever you connected. I am very happy with this charger and i would recommend it and purchase for a family member .
Disclosure: I got this product free of charge and reviewed it with my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products that are good for my audience and products I’ve had a positive experience with.

Get yours by clicking HERE


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